Affordable Development Cost

Not every company has the benefit of running at a low development cost. However, considering the strategic location of Photoshop Gurusin a growing city like Nagpur in India, we have the luxury of enjoying this big time benefit. The very first thing that contributes to our low development cost is the rate difference in US and Indian currency. The necessary elements like manpower or resources, which would normally have cost us a big amount in US or Europe, can be attained at extremely low cost here in India and that too without having to compromise our quality standards.

Besides having a favorable strategic location, there are some other factors that contribute in a major way to the low development cost of Salt Lake SMS. The main spheres of expenses of any company include, manpower, infrastructure, resources and overhead costs. We believe that if a company can cut down on these expenses, then their overall development cost can also be managed at a lower price and that's exactly what we at Salt Lake SMS implement. Our geographic establishment in a growing city like Nagpur, enables us to have a cheap manpower which consequently also helps us to have low overhead cost. Moreover, in spite of Nagpur being a big city, the normal living cost here is quite low, which is why the overall cost of our infrastructure and necessary resources are also under manageable limits.

Running an establishment having a low development cost, has proved beneficial not only for our own company but, has also provided us with an opportunity to extend our benefits to our clients. We feel extremely happy to provide high quality services to our clients at extremely low costs, which is one of the prime reasons for the steady success of Salt Lake SMS.

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