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    Bring Forward Part of An Image

    hello i was wondering if you could get part of an image to come because i have added a vector image in and it takes over part of the sleeve on my picture. kind of like when you have a picture of two people and one person is waving and the hand is blocking your face, how you get that send the waving hand to the back. i have a screen shot of the problem but no idea how to upload pics! thank you

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    Re: Bring Forward Part of An Image

    Hi sambaz

    Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus

    If you are working whit every isolated image on its own layer, you could just apply a layer mask to hide some non desired parts of the image.

    This may help, Layer Masks

    Also if you need to upload a picture on a post or thread, just click in the icon pointed by the red arrow.

    Bring Forward Part of An Image-up_image.jpg

    Hope this helps
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