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    How to create this effect in photoshop

    I have this attached picture which has a background color and a picture in another layer at right hand corner...I want the same effect like background glow color is going on top of the right picture border. To achieve this what steps i need to follow.
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    Re: How to create this effect in photoshop

    To make a color fade into an image, First Create a new layer above the image. Second fill that layer with the color you want. Next make a layer mask on your color layer. Using a brush paint black on the layer mask using similar settings and you should get something similar to this.
    How to create this effect in photoshop-10-jpg

    You can also use a gradient on the layer mask, gradients can be a little confusing though.

    I can be more specific if needed. But I am fixing to go to bed soon. So if you can wait I can help tomorrow or if not someone else can step in.

    Hope this helps.
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