SL Graphix by Mel

I'm a member of Secondlife so naturally I've carried my love for design into world. This album will feature some of the graphics done for friends and some just for hobby.
  1. members/melissav-albums-sl-graphix-mel-picture7761-gallery-crazypeach.png
  2. members/melissav-albums-sl-graphix-mel-picture7760-neylaan1byppdz.png
  3. members/melissav-albums-sl-graphix-mel-picture7759-melaviforum.png
  4. members/melissav-albums-sl-graphix-mel-picture7756-guruafterbrowni.png
  5. members/melissav-albums-sl-graphix-mel-picture7755-pocaclose4-gallery.png
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