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    help me Get rid of these jagged edges

    I'm making a new flyer for my company Rugged Thug - I create the images in photoshop at 300 rez - When I shrink them down to the thumbnail size - it leaves jagged edges on the text and images - I know that using vector is better for this than rasterized - I'm trying to make the thumbnails in photoshop then do the layout in Illustrator (which I'm not good at) The images in the thumbnails is too pixelated - How can I do this so the thumbnails will come out smooth like real magazine artwork? It's driving me crazy and I have to get this done - Any advice would help ! \:]


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    help me Get rid of these jagged edges

    Welcome starcarlton...

    How are you creating the thumbnails right now? What method are you using?

    Make sure that your image within PS is in the RGB mode; not BMP or Indexed. Those with not scale well at all.

    After scaling down, you can apply the Unsharp Mask to your image. Try the settings: 111/0.5/0.
    After sharpening, use the FADE Unsharp Mask function within the EDIT menu. Set the Blend Mode to either Darken or Lighten -- whichever gives the best looking results to you.



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