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    Resizing Filter Effect

    Sometimes when experimenting with Photoshop artistic filters on low res images I see exactly what I want the image to look like because I can see the entire frame on my monitor, however if I want to get the same effect on a high res file (so I can make a large print) I can't just transfer my filter slider settings because they don't have the same intensity on a large file. It's difficult to start first with a high res file because the filter effects are not as intense when viewing the full frame. Does anybody know what I'm trying to say and is there a trick to accomplishing what I'm trying to do? In other words transfer the desired filter effect on a low res file to a much larger high res file. Resizing (interpolating) the low res file does not provide the quality I need. Thanks.

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    Re: Resizing Filter Effect

    Find a small but representative part of the image. Zoom in to 100%. Make your adjustments. It will look fine when you zoom out.

    PS - You might have to pan around the image (at 100% zoom) to make sure that the effect you are trying to apply is reasonable in all parts of the image.


    Tom M



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