Photoshop is the premier graphics manipulation application. From humble beginnings, this program has developed into a "blockbuster," getting better and better, adding new features all the time. While there are many graphics programs that can do some of the tasks, Photoshop is the one that offers the most power and flexibility for the graphic professional. Now with the latest version, Photoshop CS3 has arrived at the next level. Using all the functions is not always easy. To meet that need, a guide for this version , Photoshop CS3 for Dummies, has been published. And many Photoshop users will find this book useful for a variety of reasons.

The author is Photoshop World Dream Team Instructor and is the author of graphic books, a host for video training titles and much more. His experiences in the field of graphics are displayed in this book and shows his excellent style, knowledge of graphics, and the Photoshop program.

The book spans 396 pages in five sections and twenty chapters. The pages and tutorials are well laid out. There is much white space so the text is not cramped and is very easy to read. Photos and and illustrations are in full color. Tutorials are aided by bold titles, numbered sections and steps. Like many of the dummies books, there are also icons which highlight tips, new features, warnings, technical stuff, remember(ing important information).

It is a guidebook, resource guide and is very readable for the novice to the advanced. There is a fine and well done section learning about and using RAW images (ch.7), fine tuning fixes (ch.8), using images in text messages (ch.13), a well laid section on using unsharp mask and working with filters which includes an excellent table(ch.15).

This book is more then a "dummies" book, the author communicates in concise, clear and understandable ways covering the strengths and versatility of the application while conveying a remarkable and easy to understand way to use program for your graphics needs. This text will make a fine addition to graphic users, especially to those who are in need of a fine resource and guide to learn about or upgrade skills with photoshop CS3. You'll be up and running in no time and learning more graphics capabilities.

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