The Path ( by Mark Larmand, aka theFounder)

The Path
Let me begin by saying thank you all for coming.
Your curiosity is much appreciated, supported, and encouraged.

First I'd like to explain what "The Path" is, as it pertains to me, this site, and you: I believe creativity in itself to be an art form. Through the search for the knowledge that we need to develop and cultivate our individual creative identities, we all choose a different path.

Right now, at this very moment, you have decided to leave your own path to join me on mine, and in turn my path becomes yours. Because you are willing to trust my judgment in choosing my own Path, I will endeavor to do my very best to help you uncover and understand the discoveries I've made while on my journey.

I trust that we will both learn a lot from this experience.

The examples (tutorials) given on my site will be based on concepts realized and developed by myself, through experimentation, and experience, and through gathering and learning by outside sources such as Adobe's own site. You will not find the same tutorials here that you've seen on other sites. The reason being is that Ibelieve in 'going all the way' when it comes to showing someone how to do something. I can't help it, that's the way Iam! :?)>
Because these graphics creation principles/techniques are still being explored (and learned) by me, so will this site and its contents be developed in the same manner.

The principles covered here can serve a vast number of applications, & they are not, and I repeat not just for text effects. Text effects are used mainly because they seem to be the easiest & simplest way to show people how to create certain effects & learn certain techniques.

You will do well to realize that each and every Example on this site is made up of a large number of smaller techniques. These smaller techniques have been grouped together to produce an over all Example of how they might be applied to create certain larger graphic effects. Please realize that the methods I use to produce the kinds of graphics you see on this site are not the only way to get such results. They are simply my way of achieving such graphics and effects.

As we travel down "The Path" I will uncover to you some of the techniques that I have used to create all of the graphics you've seen on this site, as well as some personal & well known techniques for designing graphics to be used for various other types of situations.

While you're reading the 'Examples' on this site, try to take notice of any steps that might seem familiar to you. It may help you to better understand the new techniques that will be explained in all future Examples. The majority of the Examples Ihave created have not been laid out in brief point-form. Instead, think of them more like mini journals of my discoveries.

But don't let that deter you though!

Even though I have a long 'traditional' artist background, that can only get you so far; and not that far when it comes to creating graphics for the Internet. So the rest is about getting to know the software you're using, and developing a versatile, intuitive and creative imagination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

A last philosophical note from me:
To me, experimentation is the life-blood of creativity. Without it, I believe the world would be a very dull ...and primitive place. In order to attain true creativity, Ibelieve one must strive for original thinking and non-premeditative actions.

Hence, through experimentation, we arrive at seemingly random results. Once this discipline has been cultivated, it can be put to better use in a strict, productive manner. The reason I say seemingly is because I believe nothing in this world to be truly random. It's simply far too complex to support that belief.

This philosophy stems from a lifetime of devotion to becoming a unique, artistically driven individual.

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