Total Photoshop LogoThe following videos are tutorials done by Deke McClelland, as part of the "Total Photoshop" video training courses. Deke McClelland is the number one-selling author of books about computer graphics, digital imaging, and electronic design; having written over 50 titles in the last decade.

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These clips are just specific excerpts taken from the full videos. But they should provide you with a good idea of the quality of the full series. If you'd like to find out more about these training videos, checkout the "Total Photoshop" Web site. They also make videos for a wide variety of other Adobe programs; such as Illustrator and Premiere.

We really like these video tutorials and we think they're quite well done; they're quick & easy to understand.

List of current clips in no particular order.

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Channel Mixer (3.6 meg) - Explains how to use the Channel Mixer to correct problem photos, and make special effects by manually controlling/manipulating the colors within your image.

Measurement Tool (1.1 meg) - Besides just using this tool for the obvious -- measuring things in your images/photos... learn how to use this special tool to correct crooked scans or other types of photos and images. A quick'n'simple, no-brainer here!

'Photo to Hand painted' Effect (3.25 meg) - Looking for a new or interesting way to create a special photo effect? Then this will help turn you onto a great looking effect, that takes very little time to do.

'Polar Coordinates Filter' (3.69 meg) - Learn exactly how this filter works. It's a specialized filter, but it does have its uses.

'Photo Gamma Correction' (3.84 meg) - This video explains how to apply the curves filter to correct an overly contrasted photo. Pinpointing a specific tonal area, shadows that swallow up details can be made to release them back into view.

'Color Space Conversion' (2.21 meg) - Learn about how Photoshop deals with color conversion within a document, and in its own environment, where it can control every aspect of it. The video explains how Photoshop handles converting an image so it looks the same on any OS.

'Adjustment Layers' (1.87 meg) - Adjustment Layers are one of the best things to happen to Photoshop in a long time. Learn how to apply & control them to save yourself time and work.

'Blend Modes' (2.93 meg) - Knowing about the layer Blend Modes is an important part of mastering Photoshop. Powerful, creative and inspiring are just a few words i'd use to describe them. You really need to use these to take full advantage of Photoshop's potential.

'Extract Filter Basics' (1.50 meg) - Extracting objects from photos is one of the most common operations done with Photoshop. Adobe has created a specialized filter to deal with this function, and once learned, it'll save you time and help you create better collages by creating more precise extractions.

'Time-Saving Selections' (1.27 meg) - Exactly what the title implies... learn how to make better selections that'll save you time. There are a lot of methods to create selections in Photoshop, and knowing them all will only help you to master the program. So don't hesitate to start learning them now.

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