Custom Application and Software Development Service

Photoshopgurus specializes in building and developing small- to medium-sized applications for small businesses. We understand the development process, and we can make it work for you. Our experience shows that small-business owners are often served poorly by existing service providers. This occurs because clients must choose between working with freelance developers and paying for expensive solutions from development firms. We target small-business owners exclusively, and we provide professional, affordable solutions so that clients do not have to risk hiring freelancers.

Our application and software development process begins with a client consultation and project evaluation to make sure that we thoroughly understand your precise needs, concerns, and proposed solutions, if any.

We endeavor to develop the simplest solution possible. If we can simplify a complex concept without sacrificing your overall goals, then we will do so in order to lower costs and turnaround time. Many software development firms ignore this step, and their clients often spend thousands of dollars more than is necessary. We know that clients want to invest in their businesses, not in their programmers.

Your project will then be assigned a permanent team leader and a 24-hour contact. To enhance communication and to lower costs, you can log in to our developer’s computer to view product functionality during the development process. We also provide live chat on our website, 24 hours a day.

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