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Thread: PassThePSD

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    Similar to an art worm but not quite.
    Now, in my brief period of residing with 'you lot', I have realised that not most of you like collaborating D:<

    Anyhow, this is how it works kay?
    1. Download le' PSD
    2. Expand canvas by 500px (wide)
    3. Move the previous persons work to the LEFT side of the screen
    4. Make your piece of art on the right side
    5. Make sure the artwork blends with that of the previous person
    6. Don't edit the previous persons stuff, have it above all your layers
    7. Put your stuff in a folder with yer name
    8. Save eet
    9. Post and upload it here :)
    Just one request, please save it so it's compatible with Photoshop 7, :3

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    Re: PassThePSD

    Sounds like fun but you won't need the folder. People can just post a jpeg if they like. There name is on the post.

    I don't think you need to post a psd if there aren't going to be any edits to it.

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