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    Paid Buttons for Twitch

    Hello, I need some buttons made for our twitch channel. PM for for details
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    Paid Black Friday Flyer

    Need a flyer for Black Friday PM me for info :)
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    Paid Need help making a Campain (campaign) flyer, paying 25 dollars

    Hello I need help making a campain (campaign) flyer for my gym asap, paying 25 dollars. PM me for detail :) Michel
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    PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

    Fast worker, got what a wanted and more. Can be trusted
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    Paid Youtube channel art and profile picture

    Hi, I need help making an youtube channelart and edit a profile picture. I got the photos, just pm me if you wanna give it a go and i will send it :) Paying 20 usd for the job :) Michel
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    Perfect ill take it, just need to edit the text, send me an pm and we can finish the deal there? :)
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    That link dosent work mate ;)
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    Here is a few photos of the gym if that helps :)
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    Ill wait a few more hours before chosing one :) keep em coming please <3
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    i got nothing tbh, i just need a good flyer made for the open day :)
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    Paid Need help making flyer

    Hello :) I need someone that can make me a flyer in a4 size My gym will have an Open Day, 29.02.2020 (it will be posted on facebook so it cant be to much text on it) These text have to be on the flyer: Åpen dag 29.02.2020 Medlemskap 299kr i mnd 25% på PT timer 25% på alt i butikken...
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    Paid Logo for website

    i will send u pm
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    Paid Logo for website

    Oh and the text in logo will be - Tilbudavisen
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    Paid Logo for website

    Hello :) I would like to get an logo made, its for an website/business It needs to vector ofc :) Subject: advertising ( needs to look clean and professional :) Ill pay 20 dollars, and will tip 5usd extra if the logo turns out really good :) Paypal Michel
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    Paid Making a vector logo

    sendt u reply :)