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    Problems With Clipping an Adjustment Layer

    @Rich54 Interesting problem. I have never encountered this. I had the same effect as yours from your file. But one thing is that when I use a solid fill or solid color adjustment layer instead of any of the color/Tonal adjustment layers they tend to work fine. The clipping works is as intended...
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    Search for an effect module in Photoshop

    This effect is the Oil Paint filter in photoshop.
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    Photo Retouching #10

    Here is my version. I wanted to keep the skin imperfections a little bit. Maybe a bit too much red on the skin?
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    Safety of downloading PSD file from Stranger

    Why would you want to download a .psd file from a Stranger? I don't think I have ever seen a .psd file with a virus. Maybe if it is zipped and bundled up with another.exe or a batch file. If you use Google services, Gmail automatically scans for viruses when it is attached(unless it is zipped...
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    Paid Photo touch ups and edits 14 photos for $140

    Payment received and job delivered!
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    From black and white to colour

    Wow, the colors look stunning! Especially the Fur.
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    Webp plugin

    @polarwoc Here is the file, jake.webp as you said it opens! No problems here. But I have no idea why though, Lol! I just keep my windows updated. I searched for WebP.dll, could not find it either. Maybe it's not searchable. I hope the plugin eases things now! @JeffK I did not get any...
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    How to take a texture from a photo and then insert in layer?

    Hi, if I understand correctly you are looking to create the same "Gold effect"? I assume that is the "texture" you need? If so, there are many ways of doing it. But the image you have attached was done in some vector application like Illustrator. Not Photoshop! (based on the clear and clean cuts...
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    Webp plugin

    Hmm...But I have not had any errors, as of yet. Here are some examples- [some webp images of the internet] I tried opening them in PS. It says " Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document ". But easily opens in MS paint. Windows 10 Home If it is okay for...
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    Paid Female Hand Holding Cigar Vector

    Payment Received & File delivered!
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    Paid Female Hand Holding Cigar Vector

    Sure, Here you go-
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    Webp plugin

    Thanks! @polarwoc . It's good to have something inside PS that can fix this. I have not used any online converters as of now. I have been just using plain old " MSPaint " in windows. For some reason, it can open Webp :unsure:. So, I just save it as .png to get the most out of it and continue my...
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    Paid Female Hand Holding Cigar Vector

    This one? This is an image preview image.
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    moving files between ps and ai

    Hi, Could you explain a bit more of what you are trying to do in Photoshop? Copy- Paste action is the easiest way to get some shapes to Photoshop. But open-ended shapes will have troubles when it comes from AI to PS and taking it back to AI. Also, did you try to paste it in as a Smart Object?