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    Can I do this lines in photoshop?

    If you are talking about the curved line and the straight lines with sharp corners you can do it with the pen tool. This is one of the straight methods I can think off. Before you try this you have to have the knowledge of how to use the pen tool first. A quick search gave this video tutorial...
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    Paid Putting person on a different background, 15 USD

    Hi, to clarify you would like the person in the second image onto the first image?
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    Help with this effect

    If you are just looking for "this look" or this effect on top, you can bring in a watercolor texture and use blending modes to get the right color and effect. For example, you can use something similar to this stock image- Image. or this image, use the blending modes on a desaturated...
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    Paid Cut out

    That was tough! How about this 1st one? BTW the cats look amazing!
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    Please help me figure out how to color shapes like this

    There are 2 ways I can see to do this kind of artwork. If it is just photoshop it can be done with multiple shapes and "Blending modes". The only thing to look out for is what color when blended with the bottom layer gives you dull white or Orange(just an example). You have to figure it out...
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    Cant figure out how to add pic to adobe template

    We cannot say much without looking at the layers. In the attached image is the "photo" layer the layer that is needed to be deleted and replaced with? 1- you have to delete the cartoon picture and put your picture in place and size it accordingly or 2-it must be a "smart object" and you might...
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    Paid Black and White Image Flaw

    Payment received and file delivered!
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    Liquify tool in other software?

    If I remember correctly I think Gimp kinda has one . But, I do not know how powerful it is when compared to PS's Liquify. Maybe you can check that out.
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    Paid Black and White Image Flaw

    Edit- Updated- Cleared up some more How about this?
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    Paid Need edit super imposing person into photo

    Oh sorry, I was under the impression there are more clear images that OP would email.
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    Paid Super-quick color change

    Thank you, Payment received and Job delivered!