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    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    I tried to achieve what you said. It is really difficult to achieve the almost-perfect perspective image. But this preliminary (although imperfect) effort has taught me what I should be doing next to get nearer to perfection. May be, some other time I will redo this, and if it is any good, then...
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    Ali punch that never was.

    :) It's nowhere perfect, but I still like it! Also, thought that the photographers surrounding the ring can remain in gray shades.
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    Challenge 28: Add anything to this image!

    Added.... :D The artist, though, jumped off the deck immediately after... :( :D
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    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    Sorry :)! Here is another attempt at restoring The Original Merc. : The original merc: >> Will try restoring the other car some other time :).
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    Retouching Challenge: Make this young woman 40 years older.

    She must be around 30~35 in the original? May be she will look like this at 40... not toooo much of a difference imo Before --->
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    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    Thanks! But a small problem if you haven't noticed already : The driver will be sitting in the wrong place now. ;) The steering wheel has "moved" to the other side. lol. I could've done the corrections, but the laziness got over me...
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    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    My small effort:
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    Challenge 28: Add anything to this image!

    Add anything -- now! :)
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    An old sketch with a new look

    It looked dark to me too. Did slight lighting up, nothing else edited. Really beautiful artwork, OP!
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    Retouch a Mature Woman

    Felt bad after smoothing a bit of her facial wrinkles. She looked great with them. :)
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    ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark ...?

    So we all can have 12 romantic candlelit dinners those 6 days every 12 hours, or 24 dinners every 6 hours, or...! And there won't be Sun in the sky for 6 days err... extended nights ... err... whatever that period be called. lolol!!! hehehehe :). They didn't say whether the moon shall be visible...
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    Portrait Retouching Challenge

    Prettier? OK, that's all for now... Btw, I still like her in the original form. lol Simple and sweet!
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    Portrait Retouching Challenge

    I liked this too... more than the previous one. :D
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    Portrait Retouching Challenge

    I like this... :)