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    Specific Logo help

    Here you go. ...
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    Specific Background edit

    Here's a quick recap of my effort.
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    You can highlight a little more the fire of the first window.
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    Designers Desk

    Actually, It depends on the activity, But I'm sure my desk is going to look like between them.
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    Improving an image

    Actually depends on purpose of using. When you think about web presentation, no need to add illustrator for getting high quality. Previous thread was perfect that you mentioned.
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    Lena... I'm very glad to meet you. Yes you'll get many helps here.. Just jump right now...then see. :hi:
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    Challenge 34 Street Art (Advanced)

    I missed...But I'll try my best in another topic.
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    Hey I'm jack from london !!!!!

    Jack! Welcome to this forum. Looking forward to see your experience here.
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    Greetings yung homies and old farts

    Good start... Jump right with some conversation. :yourock:
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    You are most welcome to this useful forum.
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    Changing hair color in Photoshop

    Nice job... I think.. In future, You will be able to do it quickly.:) Just select the hair and change it's color..
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    How do you go about designing logos?

    A creative question.. I think Logo Design needs a creativity. Check out this....
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    Diago! Welcome aboard! Yes IamSam is right.." You will always learn things easier when you want to learn, being forced could be miserable."
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    New member hello

    Welcome to the forum...LoriA! Hope to interact with you on posts!
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    Hello community members!

    Hello, Good to see you here in this PSG Forum. :hi: