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    Technical Slop off-line for awhile

    That's something to look forward to seeing in the future then, it certainly was the most comprehensive reference of distort I've been able to find, I just can't remember most of it. I'm sure a few people will be keeping an eye out for the return 8))
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    Technical Slop off-line for awhile

    there are some thing we should never be deprived of. :(| there are probably tens of thousands of people all around the world kicking themselves for not saving off line web pages... me being one of them, I've already forgotten some of the things I wanted to look up. :{
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    Quick Mask vs. simple selections

    The neat thing about quick mask is it can be 'painted' on, rather than having to draw the ants around an object etc. sometimes easier... If I remember correctly, a quick mask can have filters tun on it as well, for example ripples / swirls to make interesting borders on pictures.
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    pulse wave effect

    I know this is very small, it was made ages ago for a game HUD, but do you mean something like it?
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    Touching Up a Pic

    Hi, I think your second image has got a serious red shift in it, looking at the sky and clouds. I think the tools to use are brightness/contrast levels curves in that order of selection, depending on what you need the finial image to look like. for the most adjustment and fine...
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    Photoshop on a TFT

    I'm not a doctor nor optician, just saying my own experience with a LCD gave me serious headaches after 15 mins or so. I hate laptops. Something else I didn't mention is the position of the monitor in relation to artificial / natural light. I think the screen should have illumination from...
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    Photoshop on a TFT

    A small point but a TFT isn't a LCD monitor... TFT - Thin Film Transistor LCD - Liquid Crystal Display (neither require an electron 'gun' to create the image) Whilst they look similar (flat) they work differently, the more modern TFT emits it's own light rather than having to be backlit...
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    Dog tag

    think rectangle. think rounding the corners of the rectangle. think making it metal. think putting a hole in it. think stamping text in it. think methods: selections, masks, embossing, displace(to make it appear 3D-ish at an angle)
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    Aspect Ratio change

    I think if you record an action of the steps you make, then play it on any similar image and it will repeat all the steps you recorded. I'm not quite clear on what you are doing, but I've used actions in the past with considerable success. :righton:
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    Barbed Wire?

    Sorry I never got around to adding to your thread on sheet metal DominatorX, but I think VP has probably done a better job of it anyway :) Depending on the scale of your final image, barbed wire usually has 2 cores rather than just one, it's made from lots of shorter lengths that are tied...
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    New Here.............. HI, y'all!!

    ...nah. May I recommend a 12yr old single malt (Glenmorangie's a favourite & assuming suitable age), someone else to pander to your every need and a roaring log fire :D oh, hello as well. B7
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    How to make realistic blood? (dont enter to bash dark art!!)

    I looked at this the other day, there was something that I couldn't put my finger on that wasn't 'right'...? I think there are two things, maybe three ... Splat, rather than drop - even dripped form a relatively short distance, blood 'splats' even if only vertical ther should be a...
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    Sheet Metal?

    ;\ that was the simple version, we're in the new user area after all [slick] Since you're in PS7 that should be quite striaght forward - using brush dynamics and a path or two ;)
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    Whohoo my first post :)

    ..and us 'normal' people [:I *waves hello*
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    Creating planets/space scenes

    Al you're right, I grabbed the wrong gradient tool ;\ cloud layers should be easy - split the blending sliders ;) I meddled with my world: the blending sliders for the cloud layer split : and the end result having given the gradient a tweak Still a bit rough, but...