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    Paid Change House Front Door - $30.00 by PayPal

    Payment received, work delivered.
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    Paid Looking for a construction logo

    Payment received and work delivered.
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    Paid Looking for a construction logo

    Another oprion with more similar font.
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    Paid Remove the guy from picture

    You missed a little of the guy shirt and skin: BTW, nice job.
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    Specific Fingerprint Sqaures, Removal

    I don't know if this is what are you looking for.
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    Paid Photoshop request

    Payment received, work delivered.
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    Finally, we can replace Full Head using DeepLearning!

    Now, we only need ADOBE to release VOcO to the public and GG everyone.
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    Creative Malicious Hacker Style

    Version 1 Version 2