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    Topaz AI Gigapixel example

    This post may need to be moved yet was not sure of the right forum so starting with the Forum described as the Lounge. I recently aquired Topaz AI Gigapixel and have used it on a few upsizings and was pleased (yet not wowed). There was a job on the Paid forum which I bid for yet eventually...
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    Mini Challenge - 2

    OK - Thought I would give this a try. Can you find the hidden message? (maybe this is too easy) John Wheeler PS - I can make the hidden message show with a single shortcut command
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    Pointer to Image Sharing Site with specific features

    I have a need where: 1) I can share only a specific album of ~100 to 200 images to a friend 2) Have the friend sort these images by their desirability thru manual reordering (drag and drop) 3) Export the images with a sequential number prefix so the files names will preserve the manual sort...
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    FFT Plugin for Macs by Dj Joofa being made available

    I thought it would be valuable to Mac users to post that there is a free FFT plugin filter for Macs being made available (OSX 10.10.+ on PS CC 2015). Dj Joofa has developed this filter and an early version is available for free if you contact him at I did exactly that and...
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    Hi from Northern Colorado

    John Wheeler here from Northern Colorado. Out in the boonies just east enough of the mountains for great views of the Rockies. I am mostly retired and my photography is for fun as opposed to how I make money. Just an amateur yet greatly enjoy photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I am here...