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    I'm back! This time for flyaways

    I love my big messy hair, but in this same photo from last night I see some fly away hairs, and a small piece over my forehead that I would like to see removed. If anyone feels like taming my mane, I would really appreciate it! Thanks again, lily PS-A question for existing members: I'm...
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    Question concerning nudity

    I recently did a photoshoot where some of my favorite shots ended up being topless, and my offending female nip noops are indeed showing. are those images allowed on this forum or no? Thanks y'all lily
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    A little bit of my bra is showing whoops

    (solved) A little bit of my bra is showing whoops as you can see, a tiny bit of yellow bra is showing next to the straps on both sides of my blue dress. I'd really love for that to not be the case, if you wanna help. Attached is the photo. Thanks you guys, lily ps. I would also like it if...