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    Paid Edit two photos $15 USD

    Hey guys, Attached are two images I'd like for them not to have the darker green portion in them (trees, roots of trees within hills, etc.). After removing, naturally there will be a remaining white streak between the left hill and the right hill. Could that also be filled by the lighter green...
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    Specific Brightness/Glare Fix of Image

    Hi guys, I took this picture of a room. I like its angle, but the glare or brightness caused by the lamp and window give it a blurry look. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about it to make it look clearer or better essentially. Hopefully, I don't have to go back and retake the...
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    Specific Remove object from photo

    Hi guys, I made a post earlier about removing an object from a photo. It went great! I have another image I would like for an object within it to be removed. This time I was wondering if somebody could help me out by removing the camera reflection shown in the mirror. It's located on the...
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    Specific Remove object from image

    Hi y'all, I'm not sure how hard of a request this is, but may I ask for someone to help me by removing the white tag located on the front portion of the bed in these two pictures? Thank you!