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  1. Liberty1976

    Photos From My Travels Through Time And Space

    I learned how to wrap text.
  2. Liberty1976

    Photos From My Travels Through Time And Space

    It actually looks even better if you download it and display it on a phone. Its size is just right for a Galaxy S8+ or S9+. Preferably an S9+. It should look ok on any of the newer large phones.
  3. Liberty1976

    Specific Can someone please remove the broom?

    I attempted to put the nose back on this one.
  4. Liberty1976

    Specific Motorbike colours

    Usually changing colors is easy but something about that pic just wasn't letting me get it right.
  5. Liberty1976

    Specific Motorbike colours

    I tried but couldn't.
  6. Liberty1976

    Specific Motorbike colours

    Yeah if you post the pic.
  7. Liberty1976

    Specific Custom wallpaper request

    I need the picture of you to be as big as the guy in the first pic. If I make it bigger myself its not going to look right.
  8. Liberty1976

    Specific My Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary

    Can't open the eyes. Thats beyond my abilities if it can be done at all. As far as the flash , its better to just leave that alone. If I try to remove it its going to look photo shopped. The goal is to make it look like nothing was done at all even after heavy amounts of work. I cleaned up...