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    Specific Remove Folder From Coffee Table

    @JayE - excellent work! I'm very curious how you managed this one. The changes in tone are incredibly subtle - simple cloning wouldn't do. May I ask what tools you used? - Jeff
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    I don't know what to call myself professionally. Help? (Terminology)

    The labels are quite liquid these days and the titles can change from company to company even though the responsibilities are exactly the same. @PRESTON offers a good title. You can also try Digital Retouching Specialist or Photoshop Retoucher. I wouldn't use "designer" in your title since that...
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    Dirty Glass and Bars

    Sam is correct - highly tedious work done correctly. Had just been looking for the same answer a few days ago - came upon this website: How To Remove Fence Lines by Glyn Dewis Didn't work for me since the reflections were far worse, But this might help you. Still might need the additional work...
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    Specific Lengthen dress

    Hi Again - The Wife took a look and asked me how many men did the editing here. Then had me make another correction to the lower hemline. Took out some distracting highlights on his pants as long as I was back in there. Bit better I'd better think. :cheesygrin: - Jeff
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    Specific Lengthen dress

    Carl did a great job on this. Just for practice, made my own try. Just lengthened dress both at top and bottom of thighs, got a little creative with the hand where the fabric overlapped, and just did a bit of a color adjustment. Also repaired the two small lens flares where the water meets the...
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    Specific Please remove the lamp shade

    Teamwork! Best learning tool ever! :thumbsup::D - Jeff
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    Specific Please remove the lamp shade

    Removed the lampshade, cleaned up the harsh shadow on your left cheek, removed the white bit from the right side of the frame, and the small odd bit at your bottom. Also cleaned up the shadows. Hope this works for you. Was this already edited? - Jeff
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    Distribute images from layers onto a grid of a larger format poster

    Not to worry about the content - I was just curious as to how the script worked out. :cool: - Jeff
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    Auction site rip offs.

    Bottom line - there is a way to counter copyright theft but it takes time, money, and an ability to deal with frustration and failure. What any artist should know, the World Wide Web (keep repeating "World Wide") is that it has provided you a marketplace to not only show work in online galleries...
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    Distribute images from layers onto a grid of a larger format poster

    @mikecox - possible you can post your finished piece when complete so we can see how it works out? - Jeff
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    Specific Remove the glass reflection

    Anna - I found the reflections to be quite difficult so took a different approach by cropping. Then, to put the attention on the lions on the rock, I sharpened and blurred foreground and background. The male in the background also emphasized the shot. Not the entire orginal image but I think it...
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    Specific Swap the face

    Hi - my try with entire head and neck swapped in... - Jeff
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    Specific Could you please remove the hands

    My try at it - - Jeff
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    Distribute images from layers onto a grid of a larger format poster

    Michael - I haven't done what you're trying to do but did some digging on your behalf. As I thought, what you're trying to accomplish is not playing to Photoshop's strengths but rather to a page layout program like InDesign. You can batch process the images in PS to a particular size but...
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    Specific Remove glare from face and bags under eyes

    @Argos - this image was bothering me all night. So decided to go back in and bring back some of the shadow under the eyes - 2nd edit is below. I did get aggressive in the first attempt - when I saw the words "remove the bags", I took the OP's request quite literally. Back in my days of print...
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    Specific Remove glare from face and bags under eyes

    @Argos and @mrbomb - appreciate the guidance and update! - Jeff
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    Specific Remove glare from face and bags under eyes

    Hi - did what you asked to remove the glare from the top of head and reduce the shadows under the eyes. Image needs a lot more than that but since you're stitching into an existing photo, I didn't make any other changes to compensate for color or lens distortion. Hope this works for you. - Jeff
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    Specific Please remove other people from this pic?

    Took a try at it - not sure how bright you want the remaining figure but want it to look natural in a dark environment. Wouldn't mind seeing others weigh in on this... - Jeff
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    Porcelain skin ( with reference )

    It was a pleasure to help you with this! :) - Jeff
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    Porcelain skin ( with reference )

    @aboutnotsome - Has to do with the quality of the image. The one I used - and the Anastasia shots you showed - were professional shots. The image you have here is a lo-res shot so detail and color will be missing. But.... The process was really quite simple : 1. Base layer original image 2...