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    Dirty Glass and Bars

    Its always helpful to post an example image which represents the problem with which you want help. Just a suggestion John Wheeler
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    Circles on pen tool path: why?

    Hi rndavis Could you be a bit more specific i.e. what pen tool are you using pen tool, freeform pen tool, curvature pen tool. Also, are they little circles or little squares (which are anchor points). It would help if you could add a screenshot of what your seeing as well. Hard to know how to...
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    Specific Gift for my mother

    You wont have an issue if you print it yourself yet if you take it to a photo printer, they typically will crop the image to fit the aspect ratio of the print size. In the three examples below I put a thin white line around the original image and then show where the crop would occur for a 4x6...
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    Specific Gift for my mother

    Hi Silver. I kept the original edits as normal practice for a few weeks and here is a version with the exposure increased that might be more suitable for a print. Hope this helps John Wheeler ADDED EDIT: You did not request any special cropping or fill for a given aspect ratio which sometimes...
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    Specific Gift for my mother

    Here is my try at enhancement. You may get other renditions from other forum members as well. Very sweet image John Wheeler
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    Specific Change background

    Here is my quick attempt. Hope it helps John Wheeler
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    Pixelated image after changing canvas size in Photoshop

    Can you post the original png images and not the screen shots?
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    Reverse Engineer Anyone's Color Grade in Photoshop

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial video and will log that away for possible use. Lots of great applications. There are a couple limitations to of which to be aware' 1) The basis of color grading is starting from a normal white balanced image. So as with any color grading application, for it to...
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    How to use brush tool "undestructive"?

    Same experience here. There is one case, as I understand it, where the saved PSD does not grow (much) is when a linked file (as opposed to an embedded file) is brought in as an SO. All PS does is save the link to that file instead of a copy of the file. I don’t use them much yet linked files...
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    Specific Brush Tool question.

    Does the info in this link help?
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    How to use brush tool "undestructive"?

    It would probably help if you included ideally an image of your Layer stack and image and/or a step by step on what you are doing because it is hard from just the conversational text to know for sure what you are doing. I will answer the best I can by trying to divine what you are doing without...
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    Resize image automatically

    Hi MattDavies It might help if you provided more specifications e.g. - Are the two frames identical? - Are all your images the same aspect ratio and does that aspect ratio match the aspect ratio of the picture portion of the frame? - If the frames are landscape are all the images landscape or is...
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    Specific can someone remove the flair from the window?

    A different rendition to consider. Looks like its a five glass Landau carriage. Very nice! John Wheeler
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    Please remove the white background image on the GIF

    If you want to keep the background colored dancing dots, there is a shortcut way that will work for this particular GIF (not a general solution). Since this was not the "Free Photoshop Requests" I will leave the implementation of the steps below to you 1) Group all of the GIF Layers into a...
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    How to use brush tool "undestructive"?

    I think we are on the same page even if I did not say it so clearly. Repeated step #2 from prior post of mine So we are in agreement that we can create a hierarchical SO and use the Filter Mask?
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    How to use brush tool "undestructive"?

    Hi Gore.m I am not aware of all of your requirements so hard to target all of my suggestions accurately. No, if you need precision masks, I do not know how to do that in ACR. If you stay away from "replacing" pixels (i.e. painting pixels on an overlay layer) and want to "adjust" a limited...
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    How to use brush tool "undestructive"?

    Hi Gore.m Here is an example of smoothing your background all within the same Camera Raw Filer or ACR adjustments. They left is the original and the right is smoothed. This can easily be done in a variety of ways. For the above, I just used the adjustment brush with sharpness and clarity...
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    Specific Low resolution to high resolution

    You're welcome Dawnmarie yet do note that the result provided by Redz166 before mine was higher resolution and even sharper than my result so would be great if Redz11 provided their approach. My approach was very simple as a shortcut way on your image and likely will not work on a general image...
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    Specific Low resolution to high resolution

    And here is one that is 6000 on a side (which I think will be fine for 2' x 2' PNG format. Link is for full size and the displayed one is 3000 Just another to choose from John Wheeler
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    Quickly achieve this effect.

    Hi Rocky, any chance you could provide a PNG or TIFF version of this file. It is hard to distinguish how much of the texture is what you added vs the JPEG artifacts created due to high lossy compression of that file format. Just a suggestion John Wheeler