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    CS5 - Win 7 vs. Win 10 with mid-range CPU, SSD and good video card

    You'd be better off with an RX 580 in that price range. Look for a deal, you can usually find an RX 580 for $150-$160.
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    Will this Cyberpower GXiVR8560A work well for CS5?

    Be careful when you do this. Shipping a PC without damage can be tough. You will probably want to pull the GPU out before shipping, and it will help a lot if you have the original box for the system or the case if it's custom built.
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    CS5 - Win 7 vs. Win 10 with mid-range CPU, SSD and good video card

    You probably won't see much difference in Win 7 vs Win 10 for Photoshop tasks if the hardware is the same. There are other reason to go with Win 10, mainly that it is supported by Microsoft and gets all the latest security fixes and updates...
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    CS5 - Win 7 vs. Win 10 with mid-range CPU, SSD and good video card

    That is just plain wrong, and bad advice. Windows 10 runs lighter and faster. If he means the interface and that it will be faster for you to find and do things because of they way Windows 7 is laid out, just get Classic Shell (for Classic Start Menu) and then you have what is close to the...
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    Will this Cyberpower GXiVR8560A work well for CS5?

    That system would be fine for Photoshop work. You can easily upgrade the SSD, really anyone can do it. The downside to CyberpowerPC prebuilt machines is that they skimp on hardware that isn't in the "specs" sheet like the power supply, motherboard, CPU cooler, and case. That one looks to have a...
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    Specific Image editing and enlarge

    Very cool to see some of these new AI tools being used. They're definitely game changers for image editing, doing things that were otherwise considered impossible. Nice work on this, looks excellent.
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    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    It can be hard for anyone to read into the intent behind something like this. If the response is brief, it will be even more difficult. A filled search query without much else in the post reminds me of the ultra-rude LMGTFY. Explaining a bit more as to why the query is being suggested could go...
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    Specific Removal of crowd/bystanders

    That's up to you. If you decide it's something you want to offer a reward for, read this and then feel free to post it there.
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    Maintenance Forum Maintenance and Software Updates

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's just "Likes" expanded to also include other "Reactions". It's not meant to be linked, however each user now can see "Reactions received" in their own user account menu. This is just a replacement for "Likes received".
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    Maintenance Forum Maintenance and Software Updates

    We are currently performing some software updates to the forum that resolve a number of bugs and add some new features. Currently there are some minor cosmetic issues with the update such as icons on certain buttons not showing up. These issues will be resolved soon. If you happen to notice...
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    Where to post new freeware and commercial plugins?

    Yes, would be the proper place. Thanks for asking.
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    Specific Making the text readable

    Here's the best one I could find.
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    Specific Making the text readable

    I grabbed a screenshot from a 480p web source but it didn't look much better. Sharpened it and reduced some of the noise, still unreadable. Probably the only hope to get a clear version of this would be for the studio to release a higher res version at some point in the future.
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    Suggestion Stop google from indexing forum images

    As Sam stated, if a user desires privacy they can post a paid request. We are happy to remove images from a paid request or remove whole thread if the OP asks for it. A paid request can even be posted without images, and images can be sent privately to interested parties.
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    Specific Removing grass blades obstructing subject

    Nice job @IamSam that looks super clean. :bowdown:
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    Time on posts is in the future?

    Interesting. Thanks for reporting, I'll keep an eye out for it.
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    Ready to fill out some requests!

    Hi @Georgiatheginger welcome. Nice to have you here.
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    Can someone tell me how this is done?

    The first image does almost have a GTA V look to it. It may help if you can post the image you are starting with that you want to make look like this.
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    Adobe to Launch Full Version of Photoshop for iPad, Expected in 2019

    Long overdue in my opinion. If they did not do this, they would simply lose market share to other apps who are already doing it. Let's hope they can catch up.