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  1. MentosCubing

    Pool Water Texture

    With PS I don't know that you can do this easily. With Premiere or After Effects (or another video compositing software), you probably could. Create a new Solid layer. Search in the Effects library for Fractal Noise or Turbulent Noise and apply it to the solid. Experiment with different options...
  2. MentosCubing

    Interested in becoming a Moderator for PSG?

    This is not very specific. Should I be interested in becoming a moderator, do I leave a reply to this post, or do I make a new post in the Forum Assistance, Suggestions & Feedback section of the forum? Does that include users below the age of 18?
  3. MentosCubing

    Humor What is the new feature of iphone 11?(PS:Have a surprise)

    I understood it just fine. In fact, it made my day when I first saw it. But maybe it's one of those things that only appeals to a very specific audience. In the middle two frames of the comic, the iPhone's three cameras are turned into a fidget spinner. They begin spinning around (that's not...
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    Paid Tune Squad Edit

    Today is the eleventh day of this thread being open, and OP has not replied yet. This makes the thread subject to closing. OP, if you would still like the edit, let us know.
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    Specific Removing of leash and little bit of grass

    A quick try from my phone.
  6. MentosCubing

    Paid Can someone merge these images together?

    Here's a go at it. I don't know if I'm satisfied with how it turned out, but it's an option if you want it.
  7. MentosCubing

    Paid People swapping on a selfie €30

    Here's a confirmation message; the payment was received and the job was delivered!
  8. MentosCubing

    Specific Self Harm Project

    Here's a go I had at it a while ago, then decided not to post, and now I'm posting it anyway. This project made me rather uncomfortable; I'm not sure I will make another attempt.
  9. MentosCubing

    Specific Making Jay-Z attractive

    Very true. Don't even get me started. I don't know if the mods will like this, but I think it's worth the risk.
  10. MentosCubing

    Specific Remove background people

    Here is a quick go at it. A lot of assumptions had to be made about the background.
  11. MentosCubing

    Specific Please Fix Hair

    I'd recommend using a higher quality photo if you intend to change the background. But if that is what you want, here you are.
  12. MentosCubing

    Specific Please Fix Hair

    I'm a bit confused about your request here. Do you want the hair to look different than it does now? If so, can you provide a sample image of a hairstyle you would like to be added? Are you just looking to remove the background from the hair?
  13. MentosCubing

    Specific chair removal

    Ah, @psleon beat me to it! And it looks so much better with the colour correction! Here's a version with nothing else edited. The chair is removed, but none of the other adjustments have been made.
  14. MentosCubing

    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    Thanks for replying, everyone! I suppose the things you are saying are true. I have mild autism which inhibits my ability to read a person's intent, and I tend to think of things in very "black and white" logic without properly recognising that maybe a certain behaviour can be both good and bad...
  15. MentosCubing

    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    When people on this forum recommend resources to people, they often link to a Google or YouTube search instead of any particular resource, like this: I don't know if other people feel this way, but I find that rather demeaning. It seems to imply that I couldn't type in the search myself. It's...
  16. MentosCubing

    Creative Lockscreen edit

    May I ask what device you are using? From that info we can find out the screen resolution and aspect ratio so the image will perfectly fit.
  17. MentosCubing

    Specific Person Removal

    That was a hard one! I'm not satisfied with how it turned out, but in case it's enough (or if someone else wants to pick up where I left off) here is what I came up with.