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    Staff Writer Job at Advanced PhotoShop

    Hi everyone I came across this message on the Advanced PhotoShop Magazine Forum. They are looking for a new Staff Writer. SnowDog
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    Android on the Run

    Hi everyone Its been a while been busy with life and my little 2.5 year old boy. Anyways here's something I worked on a few days ago. Let me know what you think SnowDog
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    Logo Design

    Hi everyone ? A local action sports photographer saw my artwork and asked to design her a logo. Here's what I came up with let me know what you think. SnowDog
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    How to make it Snow???

    Hi everyone I came across this artists great looking postcard and I would love to know how he got the snow to look so real and fluffy in this image. I don't read German so I have no idea what he is talking about? Then Goto - General and click on...
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    My Latest Image: Comments Welcome

    Hi Everyone Here is my latest image. I started off with a Windows XP desktop image of the desert and the skull. Then I added the shark fins and the hydro insultaors and finally the lightning bolts. This image was inspired by the cover of an old Ronnie Montrose album called Gamma2...
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    Thanks for the Votes

    Hi everyone Congratulations to all the other winners! Great Work! Thanks for the votes for my picture in the #2 Contest. Thanks to Mark for hosting it and thanks to the prize donaters , Rick Miller and Welles. I can't wait to recieve Scot Kelby's " Down and Dirty Tricks "...
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    Hi everyone Take a look at this idea I have had for a while. I would like some ideas on how to improve it. thanx in advance for all your help SnowDog