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  1. LadyJemima

    Info panel popping up in PS and ID?

    For the longest time, when I open ID, the Info panel is there. Now suddenly the same thing is happening in PS. This is driving me nuts; I don't want the Info panel there when I open the programs. How can I prevent this?
  2. LadyJemima

    CS Compatibility with OSX Mountain Lion?

    I seem to be getting conflicting reports about which versions of CS are or are not compatible with OSX Mountain Lion. Some rumors say that 5 is not, some say 5.5 is not, and some even say CS6 is glitchy. Does anyone have the straight scooop?
  3. LadyJemima

    Question about opening files from a portable hard drive...

    My InDesign book says, Is this true? If so, why?
  4. LadyJemima

    Newbie question about Zoom tool in Photoshop

    Okay - for the longest time, on my laptop, I've had the zoom tool set to a setting where I drag a marquee and it zooms to my selection. Now on my new iMac, the zoom tool "grabs" the page and zooms in or out depending on the direction I move my mouse. Can't seem to figure out how I changed this...
  5. LadyJemima

    Very frustrated: where do CS5.5 presets go?

    Right now, I'm setting up a brand new iMac with CS5.5. I had just gotten vaguely familiar with CS5 on my laptop, and I was hoping to simply copy and paste my Keyboard Shortcuts, Preferences, and Workspace files into the same folders on the new computer. Alas, the file setups are somewhat...
  6. LadyJemima

    Illustrator Type tool suddenly acting funny - won't show highlighted text?

    I think I may have hit a mystery key command by accident. In my open document, I can use the Type tool to make changes to text, but it doesn't actually show where it's highlighted. So I can perform normal commands like backspace, typing, and highlighting, but it just doesn't SHOW where it's...
  7. LadyJemima

    Illustrator Aarg! Stupid locked guides!

    Is there any way to turn this annoying feature off permanently? O_o
  8. LadyJemima

    Huh -- want to change a shortcut but am given a red stop sign...

    I want to change Fit to Screen to Cmd + \. When I try to do this, Photoshop gives me a red stop sign and says "Cannot be assigned because it is used by Channel Path to select Layer Mask." Now, usually you will be given a yellow warning triangle and Photoshop will let you change it anyway...
  9. LadyJemima

    CS5 won't let me change a shortcut?

    I want to change the Curves shortcut. I go to the Keyboard Shortcut menu and sure enough, there it is. I click it and am able to delete the shortcut. #1) How is one supposed to enter the "command" (mac) key? If I simply hit it, nothing happens. #2) If I try to enter another key...
  10. LadyJemima

    Illustrator Minimize command in shortcut menu?

    I know the minimize window command in Illustrator is Command + M. I want to change that, but I can't seem to find it under the Keyboard Shortcut Menu. I see "Hide Illustrator" (which ironically doesn't have any shortcut associated with it). Is that the same as Minimize?
  11. LadyJemima

    Simple vector graphic x 2 - $5 each

    I need two simple vector graphics by Monday evening. I am teaching myself Illustrator and am not experienced enough with the pen tool to create them to my liking. :confused: Deadline: Monday, May 2 (end of the day) I know how to edit anchor points so the dimensions are not set in...
  12. LadyJemima

    Two very easy questions (grid, masks)

    I think both will have a simple answer. 1) Somehow I turned on a setting that shows a grid automatically whenever I open an image. This is driving me batty. How can I turn it off? 2) If you are working with a mask, is there any way to turn it off/hide it?
  13. LadyJemima

    Pixel grid on close zoom -- can it be turned off?

    I really hate the grid upon a super close zoom. CS2 (what I switched from) didn't have it. I find it so distracting when doing close-up work. Is there a way to turn this off? My professor didn't think so.
  14. LadyJemima

    Strange brush tool setting?

    I just installed CS5 on my laptop and the brush tool seems to be on a strange setting. I can't figure out what it is. In CS2, my brush (say, a circle) will apply color to the exact outline of the brush. For instance, if I selected a 9px brush, I would see a 9px circle brush on my...
  15. LadyJemima

    Greetings, greetings!

    Hello everyone! I recently joined the Graphic Design Forum and may as well paste my intro here also. :) My name is Alissa and I'm just starting to explore the wonderful world of graphic design. I began school this September at a small business school and after getting my feet wet, thought...