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    Staff Writer Job at Advanced PhotoShop

    Hi everyone I came across this message on the Advanced PhotoShop Magazine Forum. They are looking for a new Staff Writer. SnowDog
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    C&C on Retouching

    I agree about the background you need to change it. The wrinkle lines under the eyes alot of people get carried away and try to use the healing brush too much to get rid of the lines all together. Its better to leave a slight trace , this gives a more realistic look. OVerall you have done a...
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    some of my out of bounds pictures

    Wow Great Work! These are some of the more tastefully done OOB images I have seen. I did this one a few weeks ago for my wife's friend. SnowDog
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    Deleted by user

    delete by user
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    Important: the future of Photoshopgurus

    Another wayward lamb umm errr Dawg is back. Glad to see one of the Classiest PhotoShop sites on the net is still up and running. SnowDog
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    Android on the Run

    Hi everyone Its been a while been busy with life and my little 2.5 year old boy. Anyways here's something I worked on a few days ago. Let me know what you think SnowDog
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    Logo Design

    Thanks for the pointers Ron. I should have said Graphics for her webpage and not Logo. SnowDog
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    Wishing Welles a Happy Retirement...

    Sorry to hear your are retiring Welles. Let us know what your new projects are and how your doing once in a while. You made me feel real comfortable here when I first joined. Take Care SnowDog
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    Logo Design

    Hi everyone ? A local action sports photographer saw my artwork and asked to design her a logo. Here's what I came up with let me know what you think. SnowDog
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    The September Free For All

    Re: The September Free?For?All Thanks Welles for the info Here's the original photo for others that want to play with it SnowDog
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    The September Free For All

    Re: The September Free?For?All Great rework on my idea Gare but as for posting I am lost on how to do it on here! Can anyone tell me how? SnowDog
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    The September Free For All

    Re: The September Free?For?All Hi everyone Its been a while as I have been busy with life and the wife and a 2 year old. But here's one I wanted to share with you all. I know all you Ipod and Apple and Steve Job fans will love this one! Take...
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    How to make it Snow???

    Thanks dubya I'll check it out SnowDog
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    How to make it Snow???

    Thanks for the tips Doc and Welles! SnowDog
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    How to make it Snow???

    Hi everyone I came across this artists great looking postcard and I would love to know how he got the snow to look so real and fluffy in this image. I don't read German so I have no idea what he is talking about? Then Goto - General and click on...
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    PC or Mac?

    Well I was using a Speak n Spell with the a GameBoy hooked up to it for a monitor, then I traded that in for a Mac, then I sold that cause I got alot more work done with the Speak n Spell / GameBoy setup. ( Just Kidding ) I have a P4 1.8 512 Megs of Ram, Nvidia Video, 2 Maxtor 60 Gig...
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    Phun with Photoshop

    Great Work Gare But when is someone gonna put a beer in " Brother Dave's " hand? SnowDog
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    Looks like a great idea to me ronmatt. The link worked for me fine I am looking forward to seeing the whole tut SnowDog
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    a part of a greater whole

    I have been here for only a short time and one of the things I like about this forum is how the members are so friendly and ready to help or share their experience. You fit in really well here and I look forward to your images and your expertise. This image is a great inspiration and I gotta...
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    The Apple Of My Eye

    Revised Bulliten! Updated Bulliten!