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  1. MrScarecrow

    Specific Edit my smile please.

    The best I could do was this...
  2. MrScarecrow

    Specific Slight adjustment

    This is the best I could do, turned out pretty good I think...
  3. MrScarecrow

    Specific Please remove my beard and make me appear clean shaven.

    This is the best I could do in my limited time.
  4. MrScarecrow

    Specific Self Harm Project

    Is this any better?
  5. MrScarecrow

    Retouch Pocket

    Thought I give this a go...
  6. MrScarecrow

    Specific Plain background and titled head fix

    It's doable, let's see...
  7. MrScarecrow

    Specific Embarrassing saggy pants

    How's this for size?
  8. MrScarecrow

    Specific Making Jay-Z attractive

    What looks good to one person might not look so good to another... This looks good looking to me.