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  1. bgoodman4

    Pivot point

    Something odd that I have not noticed before is that there seems to be a size limit to being able to move the pivot point within a selection. Normally I would using the Lasso tool for example, select the area I want to rotate, hit the Move tool, click just outside the bounding box to change the...
  2. bgoodman4

    AX64 Time Machine

    Hi folks, its been a while since I dropped in but have come across a real nice program which I am trying to let folks know about. It is truly awesome and the developer has been providing really fine tech support. Because the program is so good, as well as because the developer is as good or...
  3. bgoodman4

    Question about rulers

    It seems to me that at one time I had my rulers set so that 0 was at the middle of the project and the scale to the left (or bottom) was negative and to the right (or top) was positive. It is possible that I am incorrect about this but if not could someone tell me how to set them up this way...
  4. bgoodman4

    Question about the forum

    I have a question about the general forum. Yesterday I had made a post and it had to be approved by a moderator. It took in excess of 15 hours to receive that approval. Today I tried to begin a thread in the general forum and it too has to be approved. Could someone give me some idea how long...
  5. bgoodman4

    How To photograph Jewelry

    How To photograph Jewelry Before I begin I want to apologize for a duplicate post. I had posted this in another thread and then thought that it might be of interest to others who might miss the thread it was posted to. For this reason I have started my own thread dedicated to the topic. I am a...
  6. bgoodman4

    Hello all

    My name is Barry and I have been using PS for some 20 years. I use it in conjunction with a CAD design program to design and produce custom jewellery. As such my use of PS is somewhat unconventional. Pretty well all of my PS work is with 16 bit grey scale images. These are called height maps by...