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    "Brushstrokes" that reveal the underlying layer?

    Hi guys. I'm sure this is a rookie question. I'm using two layers. Now I want to reveal the underlying layer exactly where I pass my cursor and nowhere else. How can I do that? What I kind of tool must I use? Any suggestion will be very much appreciated :).
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    Specific Please enhance facial features

    Hi everyone. I printed the following picture 4 x 6 in. It's a pretty small format. I didn't like how the facial features aren't easy to make out on that picture. That's why I'm hoping something can be done about that and print it again. @IamSam agreed that a possible way to enhance the features...
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    How can I make her features a bit more visible?

    Hi everyone. I should start by saying I'm not that good (total amateur) at taking pictures and editing them, but I try :silly:. I already know the image is of poor quality. The good news is that I'll print it 4 x 6 in, so it'll probably go unnoticed. I love Photoshop, even if there's a lot I...