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    Retouch Pocket

    Can someone please fix the weird bump my pocket is making closest to my fiancé? I’m the girl lol! It’s making my shirt stick up too much! Thanks in advance!
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    Specific Skinny

    Can someone make the girl in the picture look thinner/ skinner? Also if the water can be bluer that would be great too! Thanks in advance!
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    Retouch Proposal blurry

    Can someone please make my proposal pics less blurry? I’m not sure it’s possible but I wish you could see us better! Thank you!
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    Specific New Years

    Can someone please remove the man to the left and the girls behind my boyfriend (her head and foot are showing)? Thank you in advance!
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    Specific Eyebrows

    Can someone darken my eyebrows a bit? (The girl) thank you!
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    Specific Hair

    Can someone please remove the hair hanging down on the girl on the right side of her face. (Her right side) thanks in advance!
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    Specific Dogs

    Can someone please make the bigger brown dog look at the camera in the first pic? I’ll post another pic of her actually looking for reference! Thank you!
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    Specific Brighten up!

    Can someone brighten up just the people in the pic so you can actually see them?? The background is fine just need to edit the people! Thanks!