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    Paid work offer web Banners design for Hunting industry

    We are Hunting industry organization and we are very busy before launching our new website. We need your help. Please take it serious! ...and no worries we will pay you. We want this working process to be easy and smooth for both of us and without too many messages back and forth, as it all...
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    In respond to the NOTE on posting for Freelancer

    We hear your pain, this system is not "communication friendly", especially for new members, as we are. We are trying to post a "paid work" for you...with all details,... we tried already three times and about to give up! The system is giving Error saying "no links until we have min 5 posts on...
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    Show your skills!...and we may hire you

    Hello everyone, We are here to find the right person with Photoshop skills, specifically in banners design for Hunting industry. Look for the details under our job post which is coming soon under "Photoshop Freelance Work" (Fee for service section) We look forward to getting to know your skills!