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    How to make an animated panning/zoom shot of an image in PS CS5

    I am trying to make an animated panning/zoom shot of a large image. (300 dpi, 4,000 x 4,500 pix approx) I CAN do this in iMovie with ‘Ken Burns’ effect but it doesn’t have a ’square’ aspect ratio 1:1 which is what I wanted for social media. is ANY of this possible using “Photoshop CS5 extended...
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    Textured painting?

    I wanted to be able to paint in photoshop with a textured 'impasto' effect. I have tried going to layers/ layers style/ bevel and emboss. but the effect is not that great because if you paint several strokes to cover an area with color, it is only the very outer edge that shows any relief...
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    can't use Brightness/contrast in layers

    Brightness/contrast only seems to have an effect on the 'background' layer--not on any subsequent layers I apply. And it only seems to be on the current docs that I am using--if I open some older ps docs from the recent past, brightness/contrast works fine on all layers...?
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    preview in liquify filter

    When I used to use the liquify filter, I was able to see each move/drag as I made it. Now it doesn't show any change until I click 'OK' and only then can I see the result of each 'drag'... So I am sort of having to guess, more or less, where the section I am altering/dragging will end up...
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    Help!… can't draw curved lines anymore

    Hello… I don't know what I have done, but when using the brush/pencil tool it now only draws straight lines (horizontal and vertical). If I try to draw a diagonal line, for example, it just comes out as a staircase. Any ideas? Thanks Mark
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    cant use the clone stamp on a remote image

    I used to be able to clone stamp from a different image than the one I was working on. while using clone stamp I could hover over another image on the desktop, press the alt key and click, and then continue to clone the main image. I double check that the layer in question is selected etc...
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    Brush size on keyboard no longer working

    Hi, I have just bought a new imac. I am having problems with the keyboard for adjusting the brush size (for eraser/clone stamp/brush etc) I used to use the ][ keys for this but they no longer work, i've tried just about every combination under the sun using the shift, command or alt keys but...