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  1. Simonetos The Greek

    How to put multiple values into an array of a dropdownlist?

    With this part of code, I am trying to put all found layer names (layersData) into dropdownlist2_array, but instead of a list with names, I get one line with all names!!! Any idea what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!!! var layerNames = []; for (var i = 0; i < layersData.length; i++) {...
  2. Simonetos The Greek

    Scripting Get values from an applied bevel and emboss effect for multiple layers?

    I created this function below, to get some values from an applied bevel and emboss effect, like shading angle, shading altitude etc. alert("Angle: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[0] + "\nAltitude: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[1]); function getBevelAndEmbossValues() { try {...
  3. Simonetos The Greek

    Explanation of a function line by line for learning purposes!

    Greetings to everyone!!! :) As the title says, I need someone to give me an explanation of this function below, line by line, for learning purposes. Thank you in advance!!! function getAllShapeLayersData() { var lyrs = []; try { activeDocument.backgroundLayer; var...
  4. Simonetos The Greek

    Script which will find specific layers and apply Bevel and Emboss.

    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and Photoshop scripting too!!! I need help to make a script (and study it of course) which will search in every group with specific name, then find every layer with specific name or layerkind, then count (length) those layers and then apply desired Bevel...