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    Layer Adjustments

    Hi, I did some scanning and opened them up in PS for editing. I've grouped certain layers and applied a Levels adjustment layer. I have a layer within that group that has a text box that's a bit too dark however other paragraphs are fine. How can I isolate just the text box and remove the...
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    Multiple Image Straightening

    Hi Guys, Any method I can use to straighten multiple images simultaneously. I am not interested in using the Crop and Straighten script that completely messes up everything and is unreliable. I am aware of the ruler and Arbitrary method that's too inefficient. Interested to know if it's...
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    Batch Resizing Images

    Hi Guys, I am interested to know how I can batch resize images through actions and automation? I want to be able to automate the resizing process and also have the resized images open within a single A4 document as layers instead of having to drag/copy and paste every single resized image back...
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    Document Size and Image Size

    Hi Guys, Recently I just realised that if I open an image in PS and resize it using Image > Image Size, it resizes the entire document/canvas plus the image itself. However, if I create a new document and place/copy and paste an image within this new document as a new layer and attempt to...