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  1. IamSam

    How to share a tool preset with another tool.

    Also............. When you create new brush presets, and you don't want the brush presets connected with specific tools, then uncheck the "Include Tool Settings" checkbox when you create them.
  2. IamSam

    How to share a tool preset with another tool.

    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you have brush presets which are tied to a specific tool like the Smudge Tool, but you want to apply them to a different tool like the Brush Tool, select the tool you want to apply them to then click on the preset while holding down the Cmd/Cntrl +Opt/Alt keys.
  3. IamSam

    Removing the shadow of a photographer

    Thanks for sharing! While I think this is a fair edit, I feel it's not a bad starting point, but the after edit is not really that well done and if anyone with a discerning eye saw it, they could quickly identify the edited areas without seeing a before photo. The pant's would be harder to...
  4. IamSam

    Football/soccer goal

    Hello and welcome. Drawing the frame work of a goal is easy and would require the Pen Tool and the Brush Tool. Drawing the netting could be somewhat of a challenge for a newbie. However, it's hard to offer any help with this matter based on your brief explanation. You may need to give us some...
  5. IamSam

    Do you know how to 'unsharpen' this color?

    You should be making any and all changes on a new layer. You should also be using the Pen Tool to make the selection. It's difficult to be accurate with the Brush Tool. Here I used the Pen Tool in Shape mode. I do this because the path and color are easily adjusted. Then try adjusting the...
  6. IamSam

    Help Converting Photo to Vector

    Hello. Sorry to be slow on a ya know! I think you have done a great job! For me, I would say just by adding a few minor details that add to the characteristics of the pup would make it look a bit better. You do want to keep it simple, but you want to make sure the...
  7. IamSam

    Paid Complicated Photoshop Job ?

    This thread is closed per the OP request.
  8. IamSam

    ruler tool readout in inches?

    You're welcome. Glad one of our suggestions worked.
  9. IamSam

    Paid Complicated Photoshop Job ?

    This does not make sense. According to your original post, are you not already in the photo? This whole thing is beginning to sound a bit off to me.
  10. IamSam

    ruler tool readout in inches?

    I mostly use it (analysis) to measure unknown angles. I've not had much occasion to measure/compare distances though. But I do know it's there when needed.
  11. IamSam

    ruler tool readout in inches?

    Yes.........I made the mistake of assuming that this option was not checked. I should have asked! Great observation John!
  12. IamSam

    ruler tool readout in inches?

    Try resetting the tool. To reset a tool. Go to the TOOL PRESET PICKER located in the top left had corner of the TOOL OPTIONS BAR. Right click and choose RESET TOOL. or Click on the down arrow and a window will open. On the top right hand side of that widow will be a gear icon…click on this and...
  13. IamSam

    ruler tool readout in inches?

    The Ruler Tool works in conjunction withe the rulers, which are different functions. To see the rulers hit Cmd/Cntrl + R or go to VIEW > RULERS. To change how the rulers measure, double click on the ruler and make changes in preferences, or right click on a ruler and make a choice. Whatever...
  14. IamSam

    Help with Converting Photo to Simple Clip Art Graphic (Cartoonish)

    Hello and welcome. Take a look here:
  15. IamSam

    Specific Easy background coloring

    One request one edit on that request by as many members who wish to offer an edit. Please do not post other images in the same thread to be edited. Start a new request for each image. PM me if you or anyone has any questions.
  16. IamSam

    How to make this effect

    Hello and welcome to PSG. Here's another option that's almost an exact match to your sample...........with the exception of the font. This is two text layers, one black and one white. Black layer on top of white layer. There's nothing special about the black text layer other than it was...
  17. IamSam

    Help creating depth

    It's often just a matter of perspective and alignment. Your bags are too big for the box they're supposed to be coming out of. The bags outer edges are not aligned with the box. Which image looks more like the backpack would have come out of the box? B looks more like it could have come...
  18. IamSam

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome to PSG. Glad that you have joined the forum.
  19. IamSam

    Advice for filling a selection solidly.

    Hello and welcome. Without having a sample to experiment with, I would suggest using Select & Mask after making the selection. You can shift the edges of the selection in positive or negative increments (percentile). There's also the possibility of using the Matting options under LAYER. This...
  20. IamSam

    Creating a raised bevel banner

    Hello and welcome to PSG. The "bevel" effect is nothing more than a darker shade of the main color added to half the banner. Banner. Create and select a new layer. Make a selection of half the banners width using the Rectangular Marquee Tool Then fill the selection with the darker color...