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    Paid Plane Photo Edit

    Wow. That was a lot of work! Well done.
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    Paid Text removal/text enlarged/enhanced for large-scale print

    If I'm going in the right direction, you would like the handwriting only ( in black) and the card print (in red) removed? The black writing on one background? Can you post a picture that includes all of the black handwriting ?
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    Specific Removing people

    Here's a variance ......
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    Specific Removing people

    Great work Argos. I just moved them closer and redid the background.
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    Paid Cleanup Image and fix my 'hover-handing' - $10

    Added. My email address is And I should send the high res photo where?
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    Paid Cleanup Image and fix my 'hover-handing' - $10

    Added the pinky and included another with the red reflection on the faces toned down. You are welcome to both.
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    Specific Nice background

    How about something like this is portrait style?
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    Specific Remove the Lady from Photo

    Possibly caused by cropping to same sizes of your original. I adjusted accordingly.
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    Specific White around the eyes?

    Here are a few other versions.
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    Specific text removal

    Like things?