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    Would love some feedback on a musician logo

    Hi all, I make electronic music, mainly experimental stuff, a bit alternative. I'm not much of a graphics designer and unfortunately I don't own AI, but I have a copy of Photoshop and gave it a try anyway. My artist name is T-MO, I tried to play a bit with those letters and this is what I came...
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    Paid Music Artist Logo

    I'm in need of a logo for my music brand (solo music producer). Prefferably looking for someone that has experience with producer/dj/band logo's. Feel free to reply in this post or send me a PM with some of your work and your pricing.
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    Smearing paint effect

    Hi there, I was wondering how one would go about making an effect like this: (also if anyone knows the font used here that'd be great too). Or something like these backgrounds: ( I like all of them, just wondering about the general idea or...
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    Specific Changing resolution

    Hi all, I've requested this before with a different image and you guys did an amazing job. However, I don't want to bother you guys with this every time so if you could make this image bigger while preserving as much quality as possible that'd be great and I'd love a little explaination of how...
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    Sharpening the outlining & Vector?

    Hi there, I made a little logo awhile ago. I'm by no means a designer but we did need something for on our receipts (beach club). Recently we have donated a pretty big amount of money to a charity and they asked if we wanted them to sponsor us. They needed an .eps or vector file. I don't have...
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    Trap Time

    Hello there, I'm working on a music label called "Trap Time" and one of the only things I still need is a logo. Now, I understand that I shouldn't expect a stunning logo being made for free. But since our budget isn't too high, I tried Fiverr. For 10$ I got the ugliest logo I've ever seen...
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    After Effects [Request] Music Video

    Hey there Guru's, First off, I have no idea if I'm supposed to post this here, but the request section is for Photoshop and I couldn't find one for AAE. Anyway, I'm a Deep House producer and I can do some basic GFX. I've worked with AAE at school some years ago, and I can make some visualizers...
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    Genre name of this kind of art?

    Hey there fella's (and ladies) I once got this image from Deviantart or something and I really liked it and made a signature out of it. Though, that was quite awhile ago and I kinda f'd it up because I selected my outlining with it which I later removed which left some transparent lining...
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    Anyone knows the name of these kind of images?

    Hey there Gurus, I'm seeing logo's and other images like this They are not really "3D" but they don't look "flat" either. I know this is just a blue rectangle with a white border at the bottom and some text. But the combination of these colors + the font really create this kind of style. I...
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    Background without using images

    Hey guys, So I'm a rather new music producer and I make some wallpapers for my tracks using Photoshop and then put some effects in there using Adobe After Effects. So I usually just use either a gradient or an image in there, but it's rather hard to find images without copyright that look good...