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    PS 2020 where are the Artistic filters?

    I have upgraded to PS 2020 on my iMac but now find the artistic filters are now gone. I tried PS prefs/plugins/“show all filter groups and names”and now have the artistic filters listed but it is greyed out. How do I restore them please. Are they not supported anymore?
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    Are my Lightroom CC image edits saved onto external backup volume?

    If I edit my images in Lightroom CC and then backup onto an external volume are all my image edits also saved and visible? In other words if I recall an image from an external backup volume will the latest edits be apparent, or will it be the original raw/tif before edits? Do I have to export as...
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    Xrite ColorMunki Display not optimised for OS Mojave?

    I have been using ColorMunki Display for some time, but now I have updated my iMac to OS Mojave I see it is not optimised. I assume this means it is not 64 bit for future OS updates. I have ColorMunki v1.1.5 which is the latest version so why not? I have tried to find the Xrite help email...
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    Image sharpening options

    Is the Ps high pass filter sharpening action results the same as the Lightroom option? I am confused whether to use the high pass filter in Photoshop to selectively edge sharpen an image, or just simply to use Lightroom's Detail/sharpening/alt + masking slider to do the same. It looks as if...
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    Blinking Screen problem. Turn off graphics accelerator to solve?

    When I am editing an image in photoshop and lightroom I occasionally get a blinking screen when moving the mouse. I read that a possible remedy to this would be turning off the graphics accelerator. I also have the Nik editing collection installed as a plug in. Will this contribute to the...
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    Photoshop CS6: blinking/flashing black screen on new iMac with clone brush.

    Using Photoshop CS6 on my new retina iMac OSX (El Capitan) I am getting a flashing and blinking black screen when using clone brushes. I have read that I am not the only one who has this but there does not seem to be an answer. Is it a bug? Can anyone help?