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    introducing me myself and I: outletvalve

    Hi everybody :hi: I'm outletvalve from the Netherlands. I'm a newbie here, just wondering around and getting used to the rules here... Hope to join the club, and have a good time! :happy:outletvalve
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    request for photoshop: replace middle airplane in formation replaced by the 747

    Hi everybody, I have another request if possible! as (another) present to a collegue who is retiring i would like to have the 747 (right picture) fitted instead of the big airplane in the middle of the first picture. Would be great if someone has the time to do that! Thanks a lot...
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    request for photoshop: airplanes in formation

    A friend of mine is retiring, and we are offering him a nice present: a flight on a "yak". It would be great to accompany this with a nice picture. If possible could someone put together these two pictures? from the formation of four the background would need to be coloured blue so it could...