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    Specific Silhouette Needed

    I am looking to have this image covered to a completed silhouette with MUCH less detail and converted as png.
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    Specific Just a file change

    Would it be possible for to change this JPG file to PNG with a transparent background so that I can edit.
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    Specific Photo Conversion

    Hello - I am sort of new at this so please bare with me. I am looking for this photo of my brother to be changed to an editable file. We had someone do it as seen in the PDF but they are not able to find the file or where they saved it. I would like it to look like the PDF so that my...
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    Specific Need Distressed/Weathered Look

    I need to have this image distressed/weathered for a small project that I am working on similar to the one attached. Thank you in advance for any help.