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    Paid Changes to image - £20

    Hi, Image 1 shows current wet room with 1 shelf Looking to add 2 more shelves as mocked up in Image 2 Need the 2 shelves added to image 1 so they look real
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    Paid Changes to images - Will pay £20

    Hi, Would be much appreciated if someone could do this. We are changing the flagstones at the front of our house Image 1 shows the existing flagstones We are considering 2 opitons 'rainbow sandstone' and 'black limestone' Image 2 shows typical rainbow sandstone Image 3 shows typical black lime...
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    Paid Modification to image - £25.00 paid by PayPal

    Can anyone do the following: No 1. 1. Start with Image 2 2. Replace the strap on image 2 with the strap from image 3 3. Change the casing on image 2 ( I have highlighted this in red) from gold to very dark grey / almost black No. 2 1. Start with image 1 2. Replace the strap on image 1 with...
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    Swap person in photo

    Hi, Photo AA shows my eldest daughter sitting on top of a statue. Photos BB (1 to 4) show my youngest daughter in a similar pose sitting on top of a wall. Using the most appropriate one swap my youngest daughter with my eldest one. Much appreciated if anyone can help.
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    Help - Edit of photo - Happy to pay (via paypal) a sensible amount

    Hi, Were looking for someone who has the skills to edit the image below: Image shows a garden area with dark grey granite flagstones which are all the same size and run diagonally. The granite is going to be changed to Indian sandstone and below are some typical images of Indian sandstone...
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    Photoshop changes to pictures - Will pay TOP $$$$$

    Hi, Looking for someone who can modify pictures of car leather interiors. There are 9 pictures to do now and potentially a lot more later. An example: Picture AR1 shows black leather seats of a sports car Picture LEATHER DETAIL shows a section of car seat with a hexagonal pattern on. Mods...