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    Odd Ghostly image.

    Got permission from my friend to post this here. There appears to be an odd ghostly arm holding the little girl under the chin. Sorry the image is small but does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
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    Rebound Apple Logo (Golden Ratio).

    Hey Gurus, so I done some research on the Iconic Apple logo and the usage of the golden ratio, here's the article I read.. Seems the theory wasn't used so I decided to do a version where...
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    Ice-cream Illustration

    Hey fello gurus.. Not posted in a while, been busy with life in general but I will like to share my ice-cream illustration I recently made. I used Ai CS6 for this and as always, used grid and circular construction to create this piece. Let me know what you think...
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    Natural Connection || Branding Concept

    Seen an advert on TV the other day making stuff in your garden for nature saying "Nature deserves a home". Well nature has a home, it's called nature. So I wanted to make a logo and the connection between the two. It's a very simple but clever design ideal for branding.
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    Pick 'N Chew Burger Logo Concept

    Done this fun logo with all the PokémonGo hype just for giggles.
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    Mountain Goat Logo Design + Construct

    Hey guy's.. Got inspired on some similar designs of this nature and thought I would have a go myself. Inspiration: Research: Finished Product: Construct: Thanks for looking.
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    After Effects Animated Hamburger || Long Shadow || GUI Icon

    Hey people of the graphics world. Here's an animated hamburger that could be specifically used for GUI projects It looks simple but took a fair bit of time to get looking half decent. I will use this in an up coming project of mine which relates to an Apple Watch interface design.
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    After Effects Basic Skype Logo Animation

    Hey guy's.. Like to share a little bit of motion graphics here. I used the infamous Skype logo ( in no way do I claim the logo to be mine) and added some bubbly animation. Sorry it's only a very short clip. Watch in HD. Let me know your thoughts.
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    After Effects Very Basic Logo & Text Animation Intro

    Hey Gurus.. I thought I would broaden my horizons and teach myself some Ae. I'm pretty good with Ps and Ai so I thought why not try my hand at some VFX. I've only started using Ae in the last two days so please forgive me lol. I designed the logo in Ai and then imported to Ae. Then recorded...
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    eSport Logo Concept

    Hey guy's.. Here's an eSport logo concept I designed, all done in Ai not Ps. All comments appreciated.
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    Glossy Bingo Style Logo

    Been working on this for a friend of mine.. This is my first post showing off some of my work. Created in Ai the stylized in Ps. Please give me your opinions, feedback and critique, thanks.
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    Confestium here..

    Hey PS Gurus.. I'm Confestium from the UK. I've been playing around with PS and Ai for about 5 years now and thought about signing up to learn new things and discussion my passion for graphics with other like minded people. Peace Confestium