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    Converting an animated image to a Raw sketch

    Hi All I was wondering if there was a way to convert this animated image to a raw sketch : I was hoping to use the sketch for a college project i am working on. I would really appreciate some help if someone could guide me here. Thank you
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    Where to start? How can i learn to get this good?!

    Hi All, I am really new to the world of animation and was hoping for some guidance, i was hoping that some day i could possibly be able to do this : Do my own animated images, with my own characters designed by me? Where...
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    ADD YOUR PHOTO HERE! How do to that?

    Hi All I have recently purchased this Now the template says add your image here, but when i double click nothing happens! Can someone please tell me how i can add an image in that area...
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    Need help designing a stem and leaves

    Hi All, I need some help with completing my logo I have managed to find tutorial to design most of the elements apart from one, a stem and leaves So need to design horizontal beautiful looking stem with leaves at the bottom of my design imagine this: Please some help would be really...