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  1. MotoChief

    Motocross magazine edit

    Before: After: Opinions?
  2. MotoChief

    Can anyone identify this font?

    anyone recognize the font used for: 450R on the shroud?
  3. MotoChief

    How to do multiple selections

    In this tutorial: How to make Car Advertisement Mock-ups /by @42concepts It says to select all the parts of the car except the windows lights and stuff. How do you make multiple selections to create a new single layer? IF i select the window first, when I try to select the second window, it...
  4. MotoChief

    Few Photos from Todays Beach Trip

  5. MotoChief

    Reccomendation for a Tablet/Pen

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a Tablet. I am using CS5 on a MacBook Pro. I will be using it for photo editing and manipulation mainly. Any reccomendations of what to get or what to stay away from?
  6. MotoChief

    Hello, I am MotoChief

    Hello all. I am an amateur photographer and PS user. I enjoy riding and shooting Motocross, Kiteboarding and Iguanas. I look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge here and hope I can offer a little insight on things from time to time.