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  1. ZeroCool22

    Specific Reflection and sign removal

    Version 2 with reflection of you and your wife (just the sign removed):
  2. ZeroCool22

    Specific Reflection and sign removal

    Something quick...
  3. ZeroCool22

    Specific Change color

    I don't know if understand correctly what you want, but here you go (first image): If it's not the blue you want, you can easily change it with a HUE/SATURATION layer in PS.
  4. ZeroCool22

    Specific Would it be possible to lighten up my skin in this picture?

    Lighting up the skin only and not the image as a whole, will limit you on how much far you can go, so i let you here 2 options: More strong darks: Also noise have been reduced.
  5. ZeroCool22

    Photo Edit Before & After.