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    Actions that use pixels not percentages??

    I am trying to create a reasonably simple action; to increase the bottom of the canvas by 250px, place 2 layers that are also 250px and align them to the corners. The problem is, photoshop keeps converting my pixel sizes to percentages based on the size of the image, so then if the next image is...
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    Free sky replacements?

    I keep searching and searching but there is so much rubbish out there I can't seem to find any decent pack of sky replacements. Does anyone know of any?
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    Photoshop just went crazy! What just happened?

    I have been editing a panorama for about 2 hours now, and just about finished when I used the spot healing brush and the image went crazy! I restarted photoshop as I thought it was just a software issue and when I did it was even worse, there are weird white boxes, and boxes of different parts...
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    Choosing which layer doesn't move when auto-aligning?

    I often bracket my photos then go to align them, or use the auto align feature for many other things. But one thing I could never work out was how to choose which layer doesn't move. I've tried googling, no one seems to know, I've tried locking a layer, putting it on top, on the bottom...
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    Removing difficult objects?

    I'm having some trouble trying to remove this table on the right corner. This is how far I could get it with the cloning and healing brush, but no matter how hard I try it still looks horrible and patchy which kinda always happens to me when I try to remove objects. Does anyone know what I am...
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    Post Processing Editing a photo sphere?

    I am working on a few 360 photo spheres that I took (using a nodal ninja style tripod). The problem is, the sphere image is of course insanely distorted when viewed on a flat surface like in photoshop. So it makes cloning edges that don't line up perfectly almost impossible, and the area at the...
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    How to fix this distortion?

    I am trying to fix the distortion from this panorama, this is how far I've got so far but the toilet and cabinet doesn't look straight, and the left wall seems too angled as well. Is there any way to fix this without starting again from scratch?
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    Stitching interior panoramas?

    I have to stitch a bunch of panoramas of interior rooms, taken with a panoramic tripod head (similar to nodal ninja). So far the best method of stitching is like in this video using adaptive wide angle lens filter. But for some reason unlike in the video I need to add not 3-4 but more like 30-40...
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    Customizable shapes?

    I need to draw shapes onto a map for a project, and just wondering what is the correct/best way to do this? I did it quickly with the pen tool then turned them into shapes, but when I select it and activate the pen tool I no longer have any option to adjust the points/path/edges. I'm guessing...
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    Panorama problems

    I tried to make a panorama of a beach, but because the water is moving and there werent any strong landmarks to match photoshop can't stick the middle. Is there any easy techniques to get around this?
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    Natural looking composites?

    I'm trying to switch out a wine bottle in an image I took for a brochure to be printed. It looks ok, but somehow I just feel like I can tell that its been photoshopped... Maybe it's just me, but the bottle seems to pop out a bit more than the rest of the image. What do you guys think, and what...
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    Creating reflections??

    I'm just wondering if someone could explain to me how to make a reflection accurate? I stupidly thought just flipping it would somehow work but obviously not :) More specifically, I'm trying to add a new bottle to this image but obviously isnt working so far.
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    Low-key background banding??

    I am working on a low key image right now. The idea was to cut her out and put some natural almost black background in. But it doesn't seem to be working at all. I guess it's called banding, but how can I gently brush in with a low opacity or use the gradient tool without this horrible effect...
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    Lost detail in over saturated colours lit by neon LEDs

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with the camera sensor or my screen not being able to register such strong colours but when something is lit by such extreme coloured light I seem to lose detail in it even when it is not over exposed. They also seem to get some weird colour artifacts going...
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    Wonky walls in middle of image

    I always try to correct any distortion, and keep my verticals vertical and horizontals horizontal, usually with the free transform tool. But sometimes there is a wonky wall right in the middle of the image... How do I correct this?
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    Best way to clean up this dirty awning?

    Am retouching this restaurant exterior but the yellow part of the awning where it says singapore cuisine is absolutely filthy. I've already added a bit of colour and brightness to it which helped, but is there any way to make it look better without spending ages dodging, burning and cloning?
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    Hair on white background looks horrible :(

    I don't even know how to describe it, but a lot of times when I take a backlit photo the edges get a bit weird and it looks terrible :( Does anyone know what could be done to fix this in photoshop?
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    Savings GIFs?

    I am trying to create a frame animation GIF in photoshop CC out of some photos I took but for some reason my file sizes are huge, much larger than GIFs by other people. What am I doing wrong? For example this GIF is larger than mine and has almost 3 times more frames, yet the file size is...
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    How do you send images to people?

    As amazing as it is... somehow there is a massive percentage of people who can't seem to open up .zip files... Most of them are obviously on macs or smart phones, but still... cmon this is one of the most basic of file formats... Anyway. Is there any convenient way other than zipping files to...
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    Speeding up on windows 7?

    I have 2 computers that I use for editing, a laptop and a desktop, both on windows 7 and both pretty slow (around 2.6ghz/4gb ram) but the desktop based on specs should be slightly faster... but it isn't :/ My only guess is because I have a lot more programs installed and so on. But even if I...