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    What you think about my Logo Design?

    Hello Everyone I have a youtube channel Sia For Technology and I have designed this logo, your opinion and feedback means a lot for me ... please tell me what I have to change to look more professional please suggest what is in your head. many thanks
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    [Solved] Variables issue in Photoshop

    Hello Friends sometimes ago i tried to insert data from excel file to photoshop in order to automate it and make the bulk of IDs by one click, i always having problems when importing the excel sheet or the CSV files, at the end I figured out what are the issues... I learned a lot from this forum...
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    My Shape's border is not smooth when i resize it?!!

    hello all im try to draw a smoothed edge circle , i dont know how to do it and when i zoom it it look like below my resolutions is 600 dpi
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    work with shapes ?!!

    Hi All i want to learn how to cut shapes or convert them to layers for example, im creating a rectangle, then i want to divide into two pieces like the screen shot below, i want to create the two red triangle shape from the rectangle:
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    where do i get these kind of shapes??

    Hello All I believe there is a custom shape like the screen shoot below somewhere i can download it , can someone advise me, please. many thanks in advance
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    How to draw a high resolution shape with smooth edge ??

    hello all. whenever im trying to draw a shape like a circle or a rectangle, when i zoom it the edges look bad and not smooth can someone show me please many thanks
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    how to make this gradient box ?

    hi all this is my first post in this form, i would like someone to show me how to do something like this image below, (the gradient blue box )