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    Remake or design logo for my new company

    Hello everyone, I want to hire an artist to remake my current logo or make a new one for my company (Joy Emoji - Creative Design services) Reason: Previously hired another artist but very unsatisfied with the work. Things I desire to see: - creative design - epic effect - use of color should...
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    Want a logo design for my new side business, help is appreciated

    Hi everyone, I started a new side business and I want a logo for that. I already have the website running and I want someone to help me out with the logo because I am not good at Photoshop or logo designs. Basically, I'm working on online music therapy, my username on youtube is zensbeat. I...
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    Profile picture needed for facebook page, $60

    About me: I'm a pop pianist looking to create a unique facebook page with creative pictures, and I would like the pictures to be based on the theme of music (Chinese music, if that matters). 1. What type of work is needed? Creative design is encouraged Hmm, I'll try explain this lol, English...